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Here at Worcester Towing Co., we can tow just about anything, and that includes other trucks!  We provide truck towing services both on an emergency basis or for long-distance towing if you need to transport your vehicle out of town.  We can handle everything from pickup trucks to semis.  For larger trucks, we generally would use a flatbed tow truck in order to avoid putting more pressure on your vehicle during transport.

We accept most major insurance companies for emergency truck towing.  If you would like a quote for booking a long-distance tow for your oversized vehicle, give us a call by simply clicking the button below, or go under our “Contact Us” tab at the top of the page to fill out a free quote form.


​Even the big trucks need a hand once in a while to transport them when they are not driveable.  We get it, we're truck guys too.  That's why we invested in some serious gear that can handle the big oversized loads.  Call Worcester Towing Co. today if you need your truck towed.  Don't risk damaging your rig with an inexperienced company that might attempt to use the wrong type of towing gear.  Get a quote today by filling out the form, or simply click the button below to give us a call. 

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