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On average, car batteries can last between two to five years, or up to six in good conditions.  The life of your battery depends on how long it can hold its charge, and whether its capable of being recharged; if you can no longer recharge your battery, it’s dead.  Humidity, temperature, and a number of other factors will all play into the lifespan of your battery.

We aren’t always prepared for when our battery dies, but Worcester Towing Co. is there to help out when it does.  We offer jumpstart services to get your engine up and running again, and in the event that your battery is truly dead, we can offer an emergency tow to the nearest shop so that you can get it replaced.

Whether you are parked in your driveway or in the grocery store parking lot, we can send our experienced tow truck drivers out to you to assist you with jumpstarting your vehicle, and often times we carry spare batteries in our trucks which are available for purchase if your battery just won't start up again. (It happens!) That's why we will always do our best to come prepared for these situations. 

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